Pokemon Go Community Day #6 – Larvitar

After it was announced that Larvitar would be June’s Community Day Pokemon, there was much rejoicing: everyone loves the wee green critter as not only are they ridiculously cute, they also grow into some of the best offensive Pokemon in the game. The hype in the Pokemon Go Glasgow community, while nowhere near the fever… Continue reading Pokemon Go Community Day #6 – Larvitar

Pokemon Go Community Day #5 – Charmander

Shortly after last month’s community day, the featured Pokemon was announced and it wasn’t Paras: it was seemingly everybody’s favourite starter Charmander. I’ve never really been a fan of the tiny red dragon – Squirtle power 4 lyf ✊- but from the moment the news was announced, the Pokemon Go Glasgow Facebook page erupted with… Continue reading Pokemon Go Community Day #5 – Charmander

Pokemon Go Community Day #4 – Mareep

Today was the fourth Pokemon Community Day and while I wasn’t on the mark with my prediction of Meowth, I wasn’t too far off with Mareep being announced as today’s featured Pokemon – they both begin with an M, after all. The electric sheep, a favourite amongst myself and sleepy androids around the globe, would… Continue reading Pokemon Go Community Day #4 – Mareep

Ready Player One

I remember reading Ready Player One when it came out. I was on one of those exploitative month-long TV studio internships in London that cost so much to undertake that that year’s family holiday was forgone that year. I was either too shattered after doing unpaid jobsworth work on weekdays or too far away from… Continue reading Ready Player One

Pokemon Go Community Day #3 – Bulbasaur

Pokemon Go’s Community Days are special within the PoGo community: every month for one day only, a chosen Pokemon is featured and for three hours only from 10am to 1pm can be caught in great quantities with the possibility of catching a super rare shiny version of it and evolved into its final form with an… Continue reading Pokemon Go Community Day #3 – Bulbasaur